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I’m nothing but Yuk…
Should I still give a fuck
about what the people say?
Burdened everyday,
There isn’t time to play,
There’s no way to delay
this time that’s passing by.
I wish the clock would tick slower,
I wish I had his shoulder
To lean on when I’m sad.
1% of the time I’m not mad when contemplating on the one I should have had.
It’s just too bad
Because we can never have it all, right?
Why try to fight?
There is no light
Waiting at the end.
All the twists and bends,
The loss of friends,
Relationships that you can’t mend.
All the love you thought you’d lend,
Was it real? Did you pretend?
I just want to know one thing…
Did you really love to sing?
Sing to me, oh, sing to me.
I wish you’d only sing to me.
But now you’re gone,
That’s nothing new.
You left me cold, you left me blue.
Freedom’s here,
Now freedom’s gone.
Tell me that you’re not the one.
But you know what really sucks?
I can’t have you,
I’m a Yuk.

The cockroach queens! We kill cockroaches in our nasty bathroom… Xc

Lol This video gets us everytime. :P

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